Tucson-based communications media company Innovative Synergies International (iSynergies) has partnered with the non-profit organization Santa Cruz Nature & Heritage Festival once again this year to update and maintain their festival website.

This grassroots group based in Nogales promotes positive aspects of Santa Cruz, Arizona and Sonora, Mexico, to include the region’s history, natural environment, culture and diversity of wildlife, to include birds and birding.

We have partnered with them since 2014, when we helped them to obtain their unique and focused internet URL and converted and completely redesigned their website from hypertext markup language (html) to a fully responsive, visually appealing content management system website. iSynergies also programmed and placed PayPal buttons to allow online registration and payment for festival events.

Many of the photos we provided for the Nature & Heritage website were taken during trips the organization hosted as part of the Nature & Heritage Festival. If you enjoy learning about and experiencing the nature and heritage of southern Arizona and northern Sonora, we recommend that you consider participating in the festival, which is held every year in April.

Our next project with SCNHF will be to make their website bilingual by adding informational pages in Spanish to accompany the English-language content.

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