El Desemboque is a sleepy fishing village along the Sonoran coast, in the municipality of Caborca.

The town’s only hotel, the Playa Dorada, enjoys full occupancy during Semana Santa, the “holy week” before Easter, when Sonorans flock to the coast for their spring holidays.

But there were three issues that prevented the Playa Dorada from reaching potential customers during the rest of the year: its phone number was not widely available; the hotel had no presence on the internet; and although hotel staff speak some English, it was generally not sufficient to carry on a phone conversation.

iSynergies worked with hotel owner Irma Peinado to design a bilingual website to allow English- and Spanish-speaking web visitors to know about the hotel, its location, amenities, prices and contact information. The Playa Dorada website also uses original photography to highlight the hotel, the beach and life in El Desemboque.

A social media posting to a local Caborca Facebook page brought an immediate surge of visitors to the website, traffic that has continued as PlayaDoradaDesemboque.com receives high search rankings, thanks to links from key regional tourism websites and other effective search engine optimization (SEO) strategies.

But perhaps the greatest impact of the website has been the increase in Americans who visit the hotel. iSynergies relays English communications from online form responses to the Playa Dorada, and serves as a translation intermediary for reservation requests and other communication.

If you are looking for a beach getaway not far from Arizona, check out the Playa Dorada website.

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