Information about iSynergies

Innovative Synergies is a multi-dimensional professional services organization serving clients in Tucson, Nogales, Southern Arizona and Sonora, Mexico.

We offer business solutions in areas where we can work with clients to create a positive synergy – something greater than the sum of its parts – between the talents, tools, and creativity of our staff and our business partners.

Our three main business segments are media, regulatory and international. Media offerings include everything your business needs to present a professional image:

The regulatory segment includes support to small manufacturers and software developers who make products that are regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

We have years of experience in Quality System Regulation (QSR) compliance and the preparation of regulatory submissions. And our international branch encompasses a variety of services designed to bridge the U.S. – Mexico border, both in physical and cultural terms.

Our unique location near the international divide means that we can help connect American and Mexican businesses and consumers, in creative and effective ways that are beneficial to all involved parties.

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